HENNESSY PARADIS IMPERIAL 2018 Precision gallery launch

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Hennessy Paradis Imperial (HPI) wanted to launch its collaborative fine dining space on Aug 2018. The Precision Gallery is a private dining space in Waldorf Beijing. An elegant room that provides a contemporary universe for visitors to experience HPI’s “Made of Precision” exclusive brand journey and Hennessy wanted their target audience to know about it.


A creative concept was developed providing an exclusive glance of the world of Hennessy Paradis. We also incorporated some of the world’s finest foods such as Joselito ham and W3 caviar to provide a refined gastronomic experience, pairing HPI with the finest foods. Our initiatives incorporated and communicated the exquisite tastes and brand history of craftmanship reflecting HPI’s Heritage, value and concept of “Made of Precision”.

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