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China’s Generation Z 'Rewrites the Rule Book'
One of the first generations to be born completely in a new and digital China, Generation Z is a group of bold and confident individuals who refuse to make compromises and adhere to outdated rules and social norms. Instead, they choose to go their own way, rewriting the entire rule book.
RTG Consulting has completed part 1 of our Generation Z trend report, with the full report scheduled to be out by end of 2015.
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Luxury Firms React to China Economic Changes
When it comes to China, brands must look to the long term and ensure they have the right holistic strategy to account for this evolving market. RTG Consulting CEO, Angelito Tan, believes that the declining sales and poor brand resonance faced by many brands today has less to do with outside factors (i.e. the Chinese government’s corruption crackdown), and more to do with an inconsistent China strategy.

Click here to read more about how luxury firms react to China economic upheaval. You will need a subscription to be able to read the article, request a PDF if you like.

RTG Launches the Official Louis XIII WeChat

After several months of planning and preparation, the Official Louis XIII WeChat account is now live. The robust account will continue to grow over the next few months and be the main conduit that connects Louis XIII to its important Chinese advocates, old and new. 

Please scan both QR codes above for a peek into the exclusive world of Louis XIII.

Wolf Blass Introduces New Chinese Brand Name 纷赋 [Fen Fu]
RTG Consulting and the Treasury Wine Estates team have identified and officially launched a Chinese name for the storied Wolf Blass brand... “纷赋” [Fen Fu]. This Chinese iteration captures the essence of wine enjoyment for our target Chinese consumers. Leveraging the global success of Wolf Blass wines around the world, the brand is also enjoying a growing presence in the China market. RTG Consulting is both honored and happy to be part of this growth.
This name change is a reflection of the fast expansion for the Wolf Blass brand in the China market, and part of the locally relevant brand strategy that speaks to Chinese consumers. The new Chinese name is also aligned with its ‘AFTER6’ platform to deliver the message that Wolf Blass enriches the color and aroma in our life.
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