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Luxury Firms React to China Economic Upheaval
When it comes to China and its on-going economic turmoil, brands must look to the long term – and change strategy. RTG Consulting's Angelito Tan believes that the current predicament of brands has less to do with outside factors, such as the government’s corruption crackdown, and more to do with poor strategy from brands.
Click here to read more about how luxury firms react to China economic upheaval. You will need a subscription to be able to read the article, request a PDF if you like.
RTG in the News
Because of the highly competitive nature of China’s retail market, Chinese consumers are more discerning than ever and want more than conventional advertising from brands. Online news channel “Thoughtful China” hosts a panel attended by RTG Consulting’s Executive Planning Director, Marc Arnold, who shares his views on the evolving nature of advertising in China and the importance of storytelling. View Marc's interview here.
Penfolds - Numbers Can Be Extraordinary

RTG Consulting is proud to be working with Penfolds to bring their “Numbers Can Be Extraordinary” campaign to life for the China market. Through this creative campaign, the connections between numbers and mankind’s culture and history are revealed in thoughtful and unforeseen ways furthering the emotional relationship between the consumer and the brand. Check Penfolds’ Weibo to find out more stories behind different numbers.

RTG Go Karting Challenge
RTG Consulting tested their competitive spirit last week with a go karting challenge for their team of consultants. At RTG Consulting, we strive to create a professional and fun environment for all involved. If you are or know someone who would be interested in joining our team, please drop us a line or visit our recruiting page for a list of open positions.
RTG Consulting is always growing and we are looking for exceptional talent to join the team. This month, we are on the lookout for: 
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