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Zegna leverages WeChat mini app to bring Tiziano sneakers to China
First seen on the catwalk during Ermenegildo Zegna’s Couture Winter 2017 show in Milan, the new Tiziano rainbow sneaker is a refreshing pop of color in Zegna’s winter collection. In order to make these sneakers easily available to Chinese consumers, Zegna used a WeChat “pop-up store” mini app.
The use of WeChat mini apps has proliferated this year as brands discovered the easy user experience available to Chinese shoppers. Shoppers are able to access the mini apps without having to download or install anything additional. This is ideal for Chinese consumers who turn away from visiting separate website links. The easy accessibility makes for an enhanced user experience that attracts shoppers to use the mini app.
Content amplified by 11 different WeChat key opinion leaders featured the rainbow colors of the Tiziano and allowed eager fans to seamlessly move from browsing their content to purchasing this iconic luxury item. The content from these KOLs received hundreds of thousands of impressions and thousands of engagements, leading to thousands of visits to the mini app pop-up store.
Jo Malone London's offline-to-online strategy leverages KOLs to debut new boutiques
The Christmas season presented the perfect opportunity to bring “The Art of Gift Giving” to China. To do so, Jo Malone London leveraged one of China’s most effective and favorite marketing strategy: calling on key opinion leaders (KOLs).
Jo Malone London invited 4 first-tier KOLs in China (Becky, Anny Fan, Dipsy, Yvonne Ching) to host an in-store event in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou to create attraction and drive sales to Jo Malone London boutiques. They shared tips and ideas on personalized gift giving for the holiday season. These influencers continuously play a significant role in driving awareness and attracting the right target audience. Shoppers crave information on what is currently trending, and KOLs are their trusted go-to’s. With the popularity of Weibo, WeChat, and various live streaming apps, KOLs can easily interact and share information with their fans.
The campaign proved successful as fans flocked to the boutique for each KOL event. Their digital content received millions of impressions and tens of thousands of engagements from this initiative.
ESPRIT x Opening Ceremony caters to China's craze for streetwear
In the wake of The Rap of China and the ubiquity of labels like Supreme and Vans, ESPRIT x Opening Ceremony couldn’t have chosen a better moment to debut their collaborative line in mainland China. Colors and styles straight from the late 80’s and early 90’s is the main theme behind this collection – an style of college casual chic for both men and women’s fashions that dovetails perfectly with China’s current craze for streetwear. The brainchild of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the line features all necessary essentials to a complete streetwear look: colorful logo tees, caps, totes and sweats.
This is the collaboration’s third line of products to be released and the first time to be available in mainland China, just in time to capture the attention of a generation of post-90’s Chinese consumers eager to expand their collection of streetwear. Expect to see plenty of ESPRIT x Opening Ceremony on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai this season.
How did brands celebrate Christmas in Shanghai?
It’s no surprise that Christmas, a Western tradition, would be celebrated differently here in China. As more and more Chinese become familiar with the holiday and enjoy partaking both in more traditional ways as well as their own unique ways, brands are also forging ahead to bring Christmas with Chinese characteristics to the mainland market.
Read about the many ways brands brought Christmas to China here, or follow RTG Consulting on WeChat by scanning the QR code in the image above. 
RTG Consulting Group & friends support Lupin Home
This past holiday season, RTG Consulting Group joined with friends, family and more to raise funds for Shanghai’s Lupin Home, a foster home opened in 2011 to care for orphaned infants from remote areas of China who need medical assistance. Together, our efforts will go towards new medical supplies and facilities, formula, diapers, costs of medical procedures for the children, salaries for their nannies and more.
Learn more about Lupin Home from their website.