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LOUIS XIII launches #ifwecare
On November 13th, LOUIS XIII Cognac premiered "100 Years", A Song We’ll Hear In A Century, But Only #IfWeCare About The Planet. "100 Years" is a first-of-its-kind musical composition created by Pharrell Williams and not set to be publicly released until the year 2117. LOUIS XIII and Pharrell's partnership is the result of a mutual dedication to the environment and an appreciation for its fragility. This artistic project expresses the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the long-lasting effects humans have on their environment. LOUIS XIII is familiar with those effects, as it must always think a century ahead: each decanter of LOUIS XIII Cognac represents the life achievement of generations of Cellar Masters.
LOUIS XIII’s #ifwecare campaign demonstrates a concern for the social issues affecting the world most today. The cultural heritage we've built can only endure with both a reverence for the past and a concern for the future. By partnering with the iconic rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and film producer, Pharrell Williams, LOUIS XIII is not just demonstrating their brand values, but also directing mainstream attention to a pressing social concern - especially in China, a major market for LOUIS XIII, where concerns for the environment are truly at the forefront.
Read more about the campaign here.
Macy's arrives in Shanghai
Macy’s has arrived to the world of China’s e-commerce. But how was Macy’s to ‘say hello’ to China’s consumers?
Macy’s needed a way to bring their signature in-store experience to Chinese consumers, leveraging the digital innovation modern Chinese expect and catering to local tastes and aspirations. The solution? Macy’s ‘popped up’ in Beijing and Shanghai with a new retail experience.
Without a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, Macy’s held ‘pop-up’ shops in Beijing & Shanghai. These initiatives took a truly holistic approach to integrated campaign building. In addition to the unique offline experience of the pop-up stores that incorporated digital installations, interactive displays and workshops, PR outreach and media cooperation combined with online KOL collaborations, H5 gamification, and rich content drove brand awareness and fan engagement across both online and offline platforms.
The results were millions of online and offline impressions and engagement, tens of thousands new followers for Macy’s WeChat, and tens of thousands in footfall to the offline installations. Macy’s pop-ups not only grew brand awareness but also elevated brand affinity to successfully create product desirability.
The Future Chinese Consumer: RTG x Jing Daily
On November 17, RTG Consulting Group and Jing Daily hosted an exclusive in-depth workshop to examine emerging trends in the relationship of Chinese consumers across key societal touchpoints: Arts & Culture, Travel & Leisure, the Environment, and Selfhood.
Senior members from Sotheby’s, Phillip Lim, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tory Burch and more met at Asia Society New York City to discuss the Future Chinese Consumer. CEO Angelito Tan and Chief of Strategy Marc-Olivier Arnold led the dialogue by providing both context and trend forecasting for a target group of affluent Chinese: the post-90’s “Awakened Generation”.
The workshop covered an array of topics from China outbound tourism trends and emerging consumer technologies to the evolving definition of ‘luxury’ and how young Chinese see their place in the world. To read more on just one topic covered, the blurring of traditional gender roles, read Jing Daily’s latest piece and keep following them for more coverage on the Future Chinese Consumer.
Help us give back for the holidays
This holiday season, RTG Consulting Group is raising supplies and money for Shanghai's Lupin Home. The foster home, an NGO, opened in 2011 to care for orphaned infants from remote areas of China who need medical assistance. The Lupin Home not only provides these children with foster care specific to their unique medical needs, but also helps to raise funds for their surgeries. Because of the work Lupin Home does, these children are often adopted and able to live healthy, happy lives.
So far we've raised 3,500 RMB - if we all give a little bit, together we can make a big difference! To learn more about how you can give your support to Lupin Home, follow RTG Consulting Group on WeChat (scan the QR code in the image above) or add Chelsea on WeChat (ID: chelstone). Visit Lupin Home's official website here (in Chinese).