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RTG Consulting Group looks at sustainability
Recently in Hong Kong at a gathering of key retail executives, RTG Consulting Group CEO, Mr. Angelito Tan, was invited to provide insights on China’s Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumer groups. The event, organized and led by Eco Age, a London based agency focused on providing sustainability solutions, addressed a hot topic for today’s leading companies: “What role does our business have in environmental sustainability?” 
While environmentally conscious trends have grown popular in the West, the way these trends have developed in China is unique. To help brands stay ahead of evolving behaviors of the Chinese consumer, Mr. Tan shared RTG consumer insights and trend forecasting reports related to the way these two generations perceive and are beginning to engage in caring for their environment.
Jo Malone London is for lovers
To celebrate Qixi, also known as Chinese Valentine’s day, luxury fragrance brand Jo Malone London launched an online campaign to inspire couples all over China to give their special someone a Valentine’s gift from Jo Malone London. The digital campaign leveraged owned, earned and paid media, including 29 of China’s leading key opinion leaders within the beauty and lifestyle categories, to successfully generate tens of millions of digital impressions.
Brands leverage hip hop
In the wake of the runaway success of The Rap of China, contemporary Chinese youth culture platform YOHO! held its 4th YO’HOOD event in Shanghai this September. The event featured over 150 domestic and international brands including Nike, Vans and Bape, artists like Futura, Pharrell Williams and NIGO, and welcomed thousands of visitors over the course of two days. For Campaign China, RTG SOLUTIONS took a deeper look at how the many brands at this year’s YO’HOOD event leveraged the popularity of hip-hop culture to reach China’s Generation Z consumers.
Read the full insights on Campaign China (Chinese).
What do China's millennials want?
In a recent article from Jing Daily, a leading publication on luxury consumer trends in China, journalist Ruonan Zheng takes a look at 5 surprising facts about the luxury shopping habits of Chinese millennials. The insights take a closer look at the shifting tide of luxury consumption habits in the face of a new generation of shoppers: China’s Generation Z. As RTG Consulting’s Chief Strategy Officer, Marc Olivier-Arnold discussed in RTG’s 2017 Brand Relevance Report, quality and uniqueness are the two biggest factors that draw Chinese millennials to a luxury brand. “The young generation is really moving away from materialism to embrace (values such as) playfulness and mindfulness,” said Arnold.
Read the whole article on Jing Daily, or read more of Marc Olivier-Arnold’s insights on China’s Gen Z.