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Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li officially opens for business
Guests can now officially spend the night at Capella’s newest resort, Jian Ye Li, in the heart of Shanghai’s historic Xuhui district.
“The opening of Capella Shanghai will transform the hospitality industry in the Shanghainese landscape,” said Mr. Dorian Rommel, General Manager. “We’re deeply honored to be able to pay tribute to Shanghai’s rich heritage by offering our guests the experience of what life was once like here, and to see how history lives on as Shanghai grows into one of the world’s most forward-thinking and cosmopolitan cities.”
Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li has already celebrated the opening of its flagship restaurant, le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire, a casual chic concept by internationally-renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire.
Find more information at Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li’s official WeChat account (capellashanghai).
ESPRIT announces Fall 2017 line
This autumn, ESPRIT continues their cooperation with Korean movie and film star Song Hye-kyo (Song Hui Qiao 宋慧乔) with their #Song Style# campaign.
The line is designed for confident and casual elegance, very much inspired by Song Hye-kyo’s warmth. In combination with ESPRIT’s California roots, the fall collection brings colorful enthusiasm and feminine style to cold-weather wardrobes.
With fans looking forward to Song Hye-kyo’s high-profile wedding to fellow actor Song Joong Ki at the end of October, ESPRIT’s campaign starring this beloved celebrity is well-timed to capture the attention of a devoted fan base.
See more of the line and the #Song Style# campaign on Weibo or WeChat (IamESPRIT).
Campaign China highlights RTG brand relevance research
After RTG Consulting Group’s research and analytics division, RTG INTUITION, completed the 2017 Brand Relevance Report, the results revealed YiLi to be China’s most relevant brand. RTG INSPIRE, RTG’s brand activation division, took a closer look at which strategies put YiLi at the top of the rankings.
In an article featured on Campaign China, Aslada Gu, Head of RTG INSPIRE, takes a look at the campaigns and activations YiLi has undertaken in the past year to cement their position as number one.
To read the full article in Chinese, visit Campaign China.
Are counterfeits good for luxury brands?
Last week, High Snobiety attempted to answer the question – is counterfeiting actually free advertising for the real thing?
While traditionally, luxury brands have fretted that counterfeits (such as those famous black markets thriving in Asia) infringe upon their own business. If consumers can simply purchase a high-quality fake, then why would they bother spending thousands more for the authentic product?
Author Aleks Eror, however, argues that when “we spot someone wearing knockoffs on the street, that actually inflates the brand’s prestige because it signals to us that we’re not the only one lusting after a certain label or product, which makes it all the more appealing.” It’s the same logic that encourages brands to pursue influencer marketing strategies. “The fact is,” Eror continues, “that we overwhelmingly pick things up by imitation.”
Eror’s full argument goes on to explain the purchase drivers for both counterfeit and luxury items – and why consumers still aspire to buy the real deal. Read more at High Snobiety.