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A Shanghainese Icon Reborn
The legendary Columbia Country Club, located along Yan’an West Road, was once a favorite haunt where elites, artists and intellectuals came to mix and mingle. Now, the Columbia Country Club is re-imagined as a leisure destination at the intersection of heritage and modernity.
The result is an icon reborn: A treasure of architectural history reinvented as a guardian of the past and a host of the present. Today’s Columbia Country Club will offer an immersive and intuitive day-to-night socializing experience in one continuous space that brings people together in the pace of a city that never stops.
In today’s market, it is essential that real estate brands conceptualize this kind of experience that reflects the essence of a location. In order to gain the competitive edge necessary for success in today’s real estate landscape, brands must take a holistic approach to conceptualizing leisure destinations, considering the design, concept and the experience all together in tandem.
“The Columbia Country Club is RTG SOLUTION’s take on what real ‘Shanghai Modernity’ should look like: open, social, poetic, yet urbane. It is a living, breathing space where cultures harmoniously converge,” explained Marc-Oliver Arnold, Chief Strategy Officer.
Capella debuts le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire
July saw the opening of le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire, the first mainland China restaurant to open in Pierre Gagnaire’s culinary empire.
The world-renowned chef has designed a dining experience unique to Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li, the only all-villa urban resort in Shanghai. This rare architectural heritage offers discerning guests the authentic experience of Shanghai's romantic past.
In keeping with Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li’s ‘Old Shanghai’ neighborhood feel, at le Comptoir, Gagnaire has created casual chic venue for all occasions, celebrations or simple indulgences of homemade cuisine in a welcoming ambience. le Comptoir showcases simple, honest and elegant French cuisine, complemented by innovative textures and bold flavors.
Helmed by Pierre Gagnaire’s protégé, Romain Chapel, le Comptoir will serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The extensive wine and beverage list is carefully crafted to enhance diners’ culinary journey in a classic Parisian setting reminiscent of Shanghai’s old-world glamor in the 1930s.
To reserve a table, call +86 21 5466 9928 or email
Chiara Ferragni opens in Plaza 66
Chiara Ferragni’s passion for travel comes to life in a new jet setter lifestyle-themed boutique in Shanghai's Plaza 66 Shopping Center.
Walking into the new boutique, you’ll find 60 square meters adorned in Chiara Ferragni’s iconic glitter motif and gold metal finishes. Just inside the entrance, a massive flat screen broadcasts flight info. Venture further inside and you’ll notice walls covered in holographic clouds. As you move through the boutique, these sky walls will give you the feeling that you’re sitting on airplane en route to your next holiday. Eventually, you’ll find a real luggage carousel within, serving as the main display for slippers, espadrilles, and sandals.
In keeping with the jet setter lifestyle, the new Chiara Ferragni boutique will also feature the exclusive Shanghai capsule collection. Shanghai’s capsule will be all white, each embroidered with the city name and one of Chiara Ferragni’s favorite Instagram catchphrases, ‘hi guys’.
Find Chiara Ferragni’s new boutique at Plaza 66 Shopping Center, B137, No. 1266, West Nanjing Road 恒隆广场B137,南京西路1266号
Digiday explores the changing face of China e-commerce
Global luxury marketplace Farfetch recently accepted an investment worth $347 million from, a Chinese e-commerce marketplace and the second largest B2C retail site after Alibaba’s Tmall. Along with that investment, which made one of Farfetch’s biggest shareholders, the two companies developed a partnership.
In exchange for hosting Farfetch’s network of more than 800 brands and boutiques virtually on its platform, will drive traffic and awareness to Farfetch in China and help out with regional logistics, including same-day delivery and localized payments through services like WeChat Pay and AliPay.
The partnership is a smart move for brands that need to localize their marketing strategies. “In Europe, where most luxury brands are based, the [online] experience is markedly different from China,” said Marc-Oliver Arnold, Chief Strategy Officer at RTG Consulting Group, which is headquartered in Shanghai. “It’s important that luxury brands understand these differences.”
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