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2017 RTG Brand Relevance Report Revealed
RTG Consulting Group recently released their "2017 RTG Brand Relevance Report", the result of a survey of 5,000 consumers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, as well as qualitative interviews with 45 China industry experts and select consumers.
The 2017 RTG Brand Relevance Report covers 9 industries and utilizes a proprietary algorithm from aggregated data from quantitative consumer surveys, brand metrics, and qualitative feedback from both industry experts and consumers.

The report sorts brand relevance by age, and highlights generational (Generations X, Y and Z) difference in responses. As an entire generation of digital natives moves into adulthood, age has become paramount amongst traditional demographics.
View the report abstract here, and if you are interested in forecasting major trends to ensure your brand stays relevant, please contact us.
Ermenegildo Zegna uses VR technology to bring Milan Fashion Week to China
When Ermenegildo Zegna Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori debuted his Spring/Summer 2018 line in the historic courtyards of Milan’s Università Statale this past June during Milan Fashion Week, industry experts and fashion fans around the world were surprised to see Sartori diverge from classic menswear to doubled tank tops, tailored joggers, and even sandals and sneakers.
A privileged few witnessed the event in-person: Chinese actor, musician and producer Wu Xiubo (吴秀波) and up-and-coming actor Qu Chuxiao (屈楚萧) both attended Milan Fashion Week and afterwards shared their thoughts on the summer collection with the likes of Esquire and Tencent.
For the rest, technology provided the solution. In China, over 150 members of the media received a pair of special VR goggles with which to view the show from their cellphones. Following the June 16th show, from June 19th to the 30th, Zegna China’s WeChat account played a recap of the show using this VR technology.
Read more about Ermenegildo Zegna’s SS ‘18 collection here (English) or read GQ China’s in-depth discussion with Zegna Artistic Director Sartori about the collection’s advantages for the Chinese consumer here (Chinese).
LOUIS XIII speaks to China’s maturing luxury consumers
For French Cognac LOUIS XIII, cultural heritage is a keystone of their brand identity. For China’s increasingly mature luxury consumers, cultural heritage isn’t just a key attribute in the brands they choose - it’s also a keystone of their own identity.
To leverage this growing desire amongst a Chinese audience to connect with their cultural roots, LOUIS XIII forged a common ground. As Chief Honorary Sponsor of Heritage: Past · Present, LOUIS XIII joined Chinese artists and academics from the New Century Art Foundation (NCAF) to promote the inheritance of traditional Chinese craftsmanship.
At the end of June, LOUIS XIII Brand Director Ms. Cheryl Chong, LOUIS XIII Cellar Master Mr. Baptiste Loiseau, Curators Dr. Jiang Jiehong and Ms. Nan Nan as well as the participating artists and heritage craft inheritors gathered in Beijing to celebrate three years of Heritage: Past · Present. Media and VIPs alike joined the event and met with representatives from the NCAF and LOUIS XIII. As this first phase of Heritage: Past · Present culminates with this published pictorial and accompanying exhibition, LOUIS XIII looks ahead to the campaign’s next phase to further advocate for the preservation and transmission of China’s cultural heritage in avenues beyond fine art.
See more of the work completed through Heritage: Past · Present here.
Jo Malone London’s new Star Magnolia sells out within 2 weeks of mainland China debut
For the launch of their limited edition Star Magnolia cologne in China, British fragrance brand Jo Malone London rolled out a three-phase campaign across digital platforms to bring traffic to both their e-commerce platform and retail boutiques.
In order to generate product awareness and drive online and offline traffic, Jo Malone London leveraged key opinion leaders to develop and amplify lifestyle content via multiple social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Red, Douban and Zhihu.
In the end, Jo Malone London’s Star Magnolia Blossom Cologne digital campaign achieved millions of impressions and tens of thousands of engagements in total. Within 2 weeks, the product sold out across the country.
See an example of one leading key opinion leader's Weibo post for Jo Malone London here.
TechCrunch reveals key trait shared by Chinese & US millennials
In an increasingly globalized world, savvy marketers will tell you localization strategies are crucial. If you market to a Chinese coming of age under Mao versus an American coming of age under The Beatles, you’ll need to take a different tack with each.
In a new article for TechCrunch by Hans Tung of GGV Capital, however, Tung argues that in order to understand the generation of young Chinese moving into their prime spending years, you’d be better served to look to US millennials than China’s older consumers.
For a generation of people who’ve only known the world as digital, the simple old equation of “brand-recognition equals quality, equals willingness-to-pay” doesn’t work as well as it once did. Chinese and US millennials alike look to their favorite digital platforms and personalities to sample a diverse palette of global lifestyles. Digitally native millennials, Chinese and American, are drawn to brands on the cutting edge of cultural currents, that uphold values they identify with and offer experiences that contribute to the public identity they work so hard to curate, both offline and across their social media platforms.
This revelation isn’t without important caveats, so read Tung’s full insights here.