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Zegna’s Immersive “Defining Moments” Exhibit
Entering through a starlit tunnel, visitors are brought into the world of Ermenegildo Zegna’s much-anticipated Shanghai “Defining Moments” Exhibition. From May 9th to 15th, this global campaign exhibition presented extraordinary stories of influential men through an interactive approach staged across a two-floor space.
Local master of performing arts Wang Deshun (王德顺) and Chinese actor Sunny Wang (王阳明) were also featured and were present to discuss their own defining moments and also how Zegna has been dressing and empowering men with confidence and passion through this process.
From projection panels recounting “Defining Moments” of Zegna Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori, visitors were able to go behind the scenes of the campaign and experience the style, palette and details of the collection up close. It also highlighted the Italian luxury menswear brand’s timeline of “Defining Moments” in Greater China.
Zegna’s exhibit illustrated how immersive brand experiences continue to be used to to help in communicating brand values and lifestyle through multi-sensory environments.
Additional pictures of the exhibition can be found here
LOUIS XIII Crafts Exclusive Experience at Cannes 2017
From May 17th to 28th, LOUIS XIII invited partners and well-renowned celebrities to experience the bay of Cannes in light of the 70th anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival.
Through this time, LOUIS XIII reflected on its brand origins and history through paying tribute to the legendary voyages by sea of the LOUIS XIII aboard the Orient Express, the Normandy, and the Concorde.
While aboard the 28 meter Turkish schooner, the guests - especially chosen by Ludovic du Plessis, International Executive Director of LOUIS XIII - were able to taste the world-renowned LOUIS XIII Cognac paired with Belluga caviar and Spanish Bellota ham whilst enjoying the views of the bay of Cannes and experiencing the exclusive moments representative of the essence of LOUIS XIII.
More information regarding LOUIS XIII and the Cannes Film Festival can be found here
Liverpool x Shanghai Let's Meet! 5.20 Gathering
On May 20th, our partners at Branding Shanghai hosted the Liverpool Football Club (LFC) as part of the twin city program between Shanghai and Liverpool at Shanghai’s Bund No.18. RTG Consulting Group is proud to see the LFC event as yet another exciting highlight of Shanghai’s international branding efforts; “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!” campaign.
Liverpool Vice-Mayor Gary Millar gave the opening remarks to kick-off the reception of the night and introduced the four legendary Liverpool players, Robbie Fowler, Sami Hyppia, Luis Garcia and John Barnes onto the stage. The event was also attended by the British Consul General in Shanghai, John Edwards, and many football fans in celebration alike.
Whether it be the comradery of the two sister-cities of Shanghai and Liverpool or the avid admiration of the Liverpool legends and the love of the sport, this LFC World Partnership Reception gave this 5.20 love day additional significance.
More information on the “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!” campaign can be found by following the Branding Shanghai WeChat: brandingshanghai.
China Ranks Among World’s Top Valuable Brands
The latest BrandZ report has ranked a Chinese brand as one of the world’s most valuable in a ranking that is historically dominated by large international American companies.
The Shenzhen-based tech megahouse, Tecent ranks number 8 on the list and currently holds a market capitalization of $330 billion dollars, coming out ahead of America’s most valuable bank, JPMorgan Chase.
Below is the complete list for the world’s 10 most valuable brands according to BrandZ:
  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft
  4. Amazon
  5. Facebook
  6. AT&T
  7. Visa
  8. Tencent
  9. IBM
  10. McDonald’s
More information on these brands can be found here