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Ermenegildo Zegna’s approach towards Chinese Market shown in “Defining Moments”
As luxury brands are entering a new level of engagement with their consumers on social media, we witnessed the launching of the second episode of Ermenegildo Zegna’s “Defining Moments” Global Campaign. The discovery of affinity and mutual learning through conversation that is free, real and passionate lies at the heart of Ermenegildo Zegna's strategy.
Building on their first episode starring iconic American actors, Zegna is extending this second episode to feature local Chinese artist Wang Deshun and up-and-coming actor Sunny Wang Yangming to further engage with the Chinese market.
The use of Chinese talent in this episode was a Defining Moment for the Italian luxury brand’s journey in China and further highlights the brand’s confidence towards the Greater China Market. This “Defining Moments” episode will be released online and on social media platforms.
Zegna will also begin a forum on its “Defining Moments” website where the previous artists showcased along with many others will be able to share their stories and moments.
More information regarding Zegna’s campaign can be found here.
A New Era of Mindfulness with Sangha by Octave
The wave of interest in health and wellness in China is allowing many new properties and services focused on mindfulness immersion to reach new heights. The highly-anticipated Sangha by Octave showcases such an awareness and focus on wellbeing.
Spanning across 189,000 square meters of the lakefront peninsula of SuZhou’s Yangcheng Lake, Sangha by Octave is just an hour’s drive from Shanghai.
The property’s uniqueness lies its emphasis on a fully immersive experience of holistic wellbeing to better enhance connection with oneself, others, and nature. True to its namesake, Sangha – a word meaning community –, is a community for mindful living and offers a space for mindful learning, a holistic wellness retreat, along with a mix of residential villas and service apartments.
More information regarding Sangha by Octave can be found here
Capella Shanghai’s Jian Ye Li to Open in Historical “Shikumen” Estate
A rejuvenation of Shanghai’s 1930’s glamour is soon to be reignited with the addition of luxury hotel Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li. To be located in the historical “shikumen” (stone warehouse gate) estate within the cultural preservation zone of Shanghai’s Xuhui district, the Jian Ye Li resort will be a showcase of Shanghai’s residential heritage featuring Chinese courtyard houses with Parisian flair.
Originally built in the 1930s by the French real estate company Foncière et Immobiliere de Chine, it hosts 55 villas, 40 ultra-luxury residences, the legendary Capella Library, the award-winning Auriga Spa, a French brasserie and intimate event venues.
A rare architectural heritage amidst Shanghai’s cosmopolitan landscape and skyscrapers, Capella Shanghai, Jian Ye Li is indicative of a growing number of property developers’ interests in integrating heritage and culture when considering location and overall environment of their development.
Jian Ye Li is slated to open in late spring. More information regarding Jian Ye Li can be found on their official website here.
Sangha pays ‘Homage’ to Everyday Heroes
By unveiling behind-the-scenes moments captured on camera and shining a spotlight on the men and women dedicated to the construction of its property, Sangha pays tribute to the everyday heroes and individuals who realized the vision of Sangha by Octave.
The “Homage” Daniel Lee Postaer photography exhibition seeks to commemorate the workers who built and nurtured the creation of Sangha by Octave’s construction and manifestation. “Homage” was not only showcased physically but also virtually through a digitized html 5 format to a broader audience to further expand upon its acknowledgement of appreciation.
Postaer states that “These pictures are in homage to the men and women that built and nurtured the creation of Sangha…I do hope these photographs live on to remember the people that gave birth to Sangha.”
Paying tribute to individuals otherwise unnoticed or unacknowledged for their efforts truly makes Sangha unique and distinct as it aligns its actions with the philosophy of harmony, balance, and clarity that its credited for.
To view more information regarding Sangha’s Homage H5 exhibition, click here.