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Happy Chinese New Year of Rooster
On behalf of everyone here at RTG Consulting Group, as we transition to the Year of the Rooster, we want to send our warmest wishes to you during this festive season. May it be a time of laughter and enjoyment, and the New Year be one of great success and prosperity.

Gong Xi Fa Cai from the RTG team!
Crafted Modernity - A “Made To Measure” Fashion Show

Marking 2017 with a new and fresh statement for Ermenegildo Zegna, Alessandro Sartori’s first collection at Milan’s Fashion Week showcased the brand’s new mindset going forward with Winter 2017. Projecting a very organic color palette, the collection converges from earthy and rusty browns to hues of green and blue, and uses textures from denim to felted cashmere.
The show was amplified across a wide range of digital programs, with Erminegildo Zegna's aim to link customer and brand experience closer together. You can see photos and videos from the Ermenegildo Zegna Milan Fashion Show on RTG’s Facebook Page and read the full story here.
Ferrari Reveals New iOS App

Taking innovation up a notch, Ferrari has yet again demonstrated groundbreaking advancements through the launch of its very own Augmented Reality (AR) app in China. As an extension of Virtual Reality, AR creates virtual objects through the computer, effectively merging real-life with a virtual world, and with Ferrari’s new app, everyone can interact with Ferrari in a new and exciting way. The camera enhanced project not only gives a movable 360-degree view of Ferrari’s new model GTC4Lusso T, but also a fully interactive view of the model’s interior.
You can read the full article here via ELLEMEN and try the new app through your iOS devices by scanning the QR code above.
The PHÉNIX eatery & bar: Food Photography Like You’ve Never Seen Before

With unique composition, vivid colors and striking details, visual artist Zhu Hai has stunningly captured The PHÉNIX eatery & bar’s food in an entirely unique and different way in his most recent artistic presentation. Capturing the importance of each individual ingredient, the food is presented as a form of art, and cooking as a performance in which the recipe converges in an inviting unison to make exceptional dishes. Conceptualized by RTG, we hope the series of key visuals bring us a completely new take on food photography.
You can read more on the story behind this series here.
Trussardi: Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2017-18

Trussardi’s fall/winter 2017-18 men’s collection saw the presentation of a series of iconic garments embodied by lines and masculine silhouettes. Using ‘tarot cards’ as the theme, the collection symbolizes a past, with roots of tradition and history and the thirst for something modern coming together in timeless pieces. They invoke fascination and desire, and represent a new concept of contemporary fashion.
See the collection on RTG’s Facebook page.