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RTG’s International Branding Campaign, “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!”, Takes Center Stage on the Shanghai Skyline

To mark the beginning of a flurry of international events in Shanghai, our "Shanghai. Let’s Meet!" campaign was featured on the Citigroup Tower. It is truly an honor to see our hard work featured on such an impressive skyline. In October, the “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!” campaign will include spectacular events such as:
8th Edition of the Shanghai Rolex Masters (October 9-16)
Kunqu Opera “I, Hamlet” (October 13-15)
Fashion Rocks 2016 (October 14)
“Home • Town” Exhibition (October 20 – November 15)

Contact us if you are interested in getting more information on the campaign and its related events. 
Worldwide Premiere of the World’s First LOUIS XIII Boutique in China

On September 20th, LOUIS XIII opened the world’s first ever LOUIS XIII Boutique in Shin Kong Place (SKP), an upscale shopping mall in the heart of Beijing. The LOUIS XIII world premiere opening launched with a Salon and a Boutique, two complementarity spaces covering a total 132 square meters. With a prime location at the top of the escalators at SKP, the LOUIS XIII Salon serves as a gateway into the LOUIS XIII Boutique. The space invites clients on a journey through time and appeals to all senses, showcasing materials and colors that express the singularity of LOUIS XIII.

Click to read more about the LOUIS XIII Boutique via Forbes (or via Global Times in Chinese) and preview photos of the space at RTG Consulting Group’s Facebook page
2016 China Global Enterprises Forum (Ningbo)
RTG Consulting Group’s CEO, Angelito Tan Jr., recently spoke at the China Global Enterprises Forum in Ningbo. The forum, a 2-day conference connecting domestic and international enterprises, analyzed the current international and domestic financial climate and discussed ways to accelerate trade cooperation among participant enterprises. Mr. Tan sat on the panel that addressed “Corporate strategies for China’s new consumer market era”. Panel topics included “What does the increasing segmentation of China’s consumer market mean for companies today?”, “How will E-commerce continue to expand in China?”, and ”What does it take for Chinese brands to be able to compete with the attractiveness of foreign brands?”. The forum, hosted by the Ningbo Municipal Government and the Zhejiang Provincial Government, was attended by more than 1000 Chinese government officials and business leaders.
If you are interested in speaking engagements or media inquiries with RTG Consulting Group, please contact us
New Collections Presented at the Milan Fashion Week

This year’s Milan Fashion Week was once again met with great fanfare.  Since September 21, the entire city has been abuzz with shows and events to celebrate brands and their Spring 2017 show (click to read the New York Post article). Two of our favorite clients, Trussardi and Chiara Ferragni, also unveiled their new collections through exquisite runway/presentation shows this year, adding to the energy surrounding one of the year’s most anticipated fashion events. 

Click here to see photos from Milan Fashion Week and their new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.
“Shanghai. Let's Meet!” October Initiatives Continues with Shanghai Rolex Masters

Apart from “Shanghai. Where Fashion Meets” and Fashion Rocks, one of the biggest and most recognizable tennis tournaments in the world, the 8th Edition of the Shanghai Rolex Masters, will kick off on October 8th as part of the “Shanghai. Where Sport Meets” extension. Matches will be hosted at Shanghai Qi Zhong Tennis Center, featuring a draw size of 56 singles, 24 doubles and 56 qualifying this year. 

Click here to get more information about Shanghai Rolex Masters. 
"Affordable Luxury" in the Market

Since 2012, the phrase “affordable luxury” has been referred to much more frequently in Mainland China. With some brands doing well and others struggling, a recent article talks about some of the trends that these brands face in China. Our Head of Intuition and Solutions departments, Marc Arnold, also weighed in on the subject. 

Click to read the story in Chinese via Q Daily (for a reference English translation, click here).
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