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Zegna Holds AW16 Press Open House

Last month RTG Consulting Group assisted in hosting a Zegna Press Open House (POH) for exclusive media and fashion influencers to preview their latest Autumn Winter collection.  Held in Beijing on a special runway that fuses modern fashion and traditional Chinese elements, the setting provided guests an intimate environment to experience, explore and appreciate the latest collection of this timeless bespoke Italian brand.
See more photos of the preview at RTG Consulting Group’s Facebook page.
LOUIS XIII Launches Its E-Commerce Initiative on

One of our favorite brands, LOUIS XIII, has recently launched its first owned e-boutique for Chinese luxury consumers. The King of Cognacs is deeply dedicated to its clientele, creating innovative and bespoke experiences aimed at bringing the world of LOUIS XIII to them. As a true icon of comtemporary luxury, LOUIS XIII now takes the luxury shopping experience to a new dimension in China with a full-service online storefront.  
Click here to visit LOUIS XIII’s official store on
Platinum Guild International Announces New Ambassadors

The Platinum Guild International (PGI) recently announced ZHANG Jie and XIE Na as its new brand ambassadors. As part of an additional segment to the “Commitment is for a Lifetime” campaign, PGI is in the midst of creating a campaign that continues to highlight the values and emotions behind the eternal platinum wedding band. The campaign is set to launch soon. 
Click to learn more about the “Commitment is for a Lifetime” campaign through ZHANG Jie and XIE Na’s love story in Chinese here
Wellness Retreat Helps Visitors Focus on Essentials

In a rapidly growing society where people find daily life to be caught up with their busy lifestyles, destinations that offer visitors a chance to rejuvenate – are on the rise and much needed. The journey towards clarity in mind, body and soul is aimed at those with busy lifestyles and is a mindset that Octave promotes to their clientele. 

Read more about the new wellness philosophy through Octave’s example here.
As Tastes Mature, Chinese Crave Native Materials

Not long ago, the notion of luxury shopping in China was synonymous with top European mega-brands and not much else. As the country’s economic growth attracted a flood of international labels, traditional Chinese designs and materials were overshadowed by all that was flashy, new and foreign. But, as the market has matured, local fabrics, materials and products are seeing both a renaissance and reinvention thanks to demand from a sophisticated clientele seeking out unique styles and craftsmanship.
Read the full story by BoF’s journalist Liz Flora here.  
China's E-Commerce Addiction Has Serious Market Potential

Though relatively new to online shopping, Chinese consumers already make up for almost half of global online retail sales, and are only growing in numbers. Online retail sales amounted to $581.61 billion in 2015, surging 33.3% from the previous year. The volume of online sales in China now exceeds that in the US, and online sales are expected to grow 20% annually by 2020. Furthermore, online shoppers represent the vanguard of China’s growth story, since they tend to be young, urban, and highly educated.
Read the full story on China’s growing e-commerce market here via Forbes
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