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RTG Brand Relevance Index
The RTG Brand Relevance Index is an annual study that examines how relevant the world’s leading brands are to today’s Chinese consumers.
RTG’s research division (INTUITION) has surveyed over 4,000 Chinese consumers across 3 major cities, gauging brand relevance across fashion, entertainment, technology, ecommerce, auto, lifestyle, and food & beverage industries. The research is focused on China’s Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers, the two most important consumer sets today. Our initial analysis has gleaned some very interesting insights, and all will be compiled into a full report scheduled for release this month. 

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2016 Shanghai City Campaign in London

Following the launch of Shanghai City’s global promotion campaign, “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!” at Expo Milano last year, RTG Consulting Group assisted Branding Shanghai in bringing their global campaign to London this year. 
The headline event was a photography and videography exhibition “Home • Town”, highlighting the two iconic cities in a visual showcase. A professional roundtable discussion on “Twinned Cities and their Cultural Visions” was also hosted by the British Council and Shanghai with an expert panel of attendees from the government, academic, and cultural industries of both cities.

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100 Years HERITAGE Master Dialogue

The Project “Heritage Past Present” is a long-term project initiated by RTG Consulting Group and the New Century Art Foundation (NCAF) with LOUIS XIII as its chief honorary sponsor. For the second year of the project, LOUIS XIII recently invited Kun Opera heritage craft inheritor Ke Jun and stone carving craft inheritor Xiao Guangping, to share their thoughts on topics such as the preservation and transmission of their intangible cultural origins in the perceived climate of today. Several other delegates including LOUIS XIII’s brand ambassadors, Chinese social influencers and key media were also invited to visit the artists in their studios and discussed the noble cause of supporting the project to recreate for the next 100 years.
Click here to see photos from the two visits and here to read an article by influencer čµ›LaVie (Sun Saisai) on both of the Kun Opera and stone carving stories. 
Asian Brands Go West Chasing Holiday Shoppers
It was once the case that the global luxury industry moved in only one direction: west to east. In recent years, however, a rise in outbound Chinese tourism has prompted companies to expand beyond the domestic market. As Chinese customers have started to combine holidays abroad with shopping expeditions, Chinese brands have begun to follow the money.
Read the story here via Financial Times
From Chinese References to Asian Aesthetics

There is a new, growing legion of young independent Chinese designers who have emerged in the past few years. Among them are some internationally recognized names such as Angel Chen, Masha Ma and Huishan Zhang, to name a few. The emergence of this new strain of contemporary designers has much to do with the changing creative environment and luxury market in China. Our Head of INTUITION and SOLUTIONS divisions, Marc Arnold, shared insights from our annual trend report about the subject.
Click here to read more about how young contemporary fashion designers are stamping their mark in the global industry. 
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