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Gen-Z Trend Forecast Featured in Luxury Society

Earlier this year, we released a report introducing an emerging luxury consumer: Generation Z in China (generally defined as those born in the years ranging from the mid-1990s to the 2010s). Their native connectivity and instant access to global information, is markedly different from previous Chinese generations and brands should take note. Luxury Society recently revisited the report and provided an in-depth overview on the subject. 
Click here to read the original article and contact us if you are interested in getting the full report.
How “Made In China” Became Cool

Chinese brands were once almost synonymous with cheap, poor quality products. However, there is a growing shift in consumer sentiment spreading across China as Chinese brands up their game in branding and quality. Some of the larger emerging brands have not only started catching up with their more established foreign rivals, but have actually started to surpass them both locally and internationally. 
Read more about “How ‘Make In China’ Became Cool” via Forbes
Penfolds’ Barrel Program Goes Beyond the Wine

Penfolds recently unveiled the Magill Cellar 3 barrel program to a global audience at Vinexpo, Hong Kong. For the first time in the winery’s 172 year history, an opportunity to unlock unprecedented access into Penfolds inner workings and winemaking craft is offered via the purchase of rare barrels housed in Cellar 3, Magill, South Australia. The inaugural 2015 Magill Cellar 3 barrel release was discretely offered to private collectors and Penfolds is currently taking expressions of interest for the 2016 Magill Cellar 3 Program which will be on sale from the 1st of July. 
Click here to read more about the program. 
KFC Markets Hard to Woo Chinese Millennials

KFC is all over China, but not just with its signature fried chicken. Earlier at this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week, the fast-food chain partnered up with up-and-coming designer C.J. Yao for her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. The collection was logoed with big “Ks” and carried bags in the shape of KFC’s iconic chicken bucket. Not long after, KFC unveiled “Original+”, a technological-driven concept store in Shanghai in collaboration with the Chinese tech giant Baidu. And just recently, KFC launched another product in Hong Kong – an edible nail polish. With a special eye on Millennials and Generation Z, KFC hopes the series of marketing will help keep its edge in the Chinese market. 
Read more about the story here via The Wall Street Journal
Balancing the Relationship between Luxury and Resale

It always can be a complicated relationship between luxury brands and resale channels. While resale companies are profiting off of consumers by reselling items, a practice luxury brands oftentimes frown upon, they can provide valuable insights about the luxury market and act as a point of entry-level access for young consumers who cannot yet shop full price luxury. More and more luxury fashion houses are starting to see the positives in working with resale companies.
Click here to read the full story on luxury and resale. 
Today’s Hospitality Brands and their Branded Experiences

The word “experience” has been a hot buzzword recently, especially for hospitality brands looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Whether those competitors are online travel agencies, hotels, or home-sharing platforms, it is about owning the experiences they can deliver to their guests 24/7. Regardless of category, named hospitality brands such as Four Season Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Hotel Group and Airbnb, are all adding experiential elements to their offerings.
See examples of how named hospitality brands deliver experiences beyond the room on SKIFT
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