Culture first

Culture first


The ‘RTG Culture First’ tool first provides a strategic roadmap to holistically transform your organization’s corporate culture. A strong cultural articulation means a clearly defined purpose. This will pay dividends through higher employee engagement and retention.

Culture is something that is alive and written by all of your employees every day, and ultimately must come from the inside out. Building a positive culture is not pushed from the top down, but rather must be a total team effort!

A Purpose Brings Meaning.

It demands people to look beyond superficiality, to seek meaning and values that are true to their work and life.

A Purpose Brings Talent.

Generation Z prioritizes the potential for impact, mobility, and meaning at work over traditional monetary compensation.

A Purpose Brings Fulfillment.

Purpose-oriented employees demonstrate higher fulfilment, innovation, and retention level. Overall, it reaps higher returns for the company.

A Purpose Ties Us Together.

It ties us to a collective mission; through shared values, and beliefs. It gives us a sense of belonging within our organization


Reviews and asses the current culture in the organization through the lens of the employees.

Culture Announcement

How do you get started on the right foot?

Culture Scan

What is your ‘Why’?

Culture Walks

How much of your office is truly dedicated to culture?

Culture Interviews

What is your culture as seen through the eyes of your employees?

Trade Interviews

How do external business partners see your culture?

Assessment Report

What are the key cultural problems from a socio-psychological perspective?

Culture Strategy

What cultural strategy will serve as a guideline in all that we do?

Co-Creation Workshops

How can all your departments work together for the most relevant solution?

Action Plan

What steps do we take to implement the Culture First Roadmap?

“Culture brings higher meaning to our work. It connects with our deeper personal beliefs. It is both a vision, and a driver for – why we do, what we do.”


Angelito Tan CEO | RTG Consulting Group

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