Like Platinum, Love Never Fades with PGI’s “A Promise is for a Lifetime” Campaign.



Platinum Guild International (PGI) is responsible for the promotion of, and education surrounding, platinum [Pt.] within the jewelry market. Having a higher purity than other metals, Pt. is hypoallergenic, never-fading, and stronger, making it both an elegant and safer choice for diamonds. Above all, PGI seeks to promote an emotional association recognizing Pt. as the natural representation of committed love.


We crafted a compelling and engaging campaign, “A Promise of for a Lifetime”, that clearly associated Platinum [Pt.] as the tangible symbol of one’s faithful promise declared to another through the exchange of wedding vows. It followed the lives of several celebrities from engagement to wedding, highlighting their love’s unique promises and showing that Committed Love does not tarnish over time. Rather, it is strong and never-fading.

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